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Shiatsu Practitioner

I’ve had Shiatsu before out East, so when I moved out West, I was thrilled to find Daniel Thibeault in St. Henri, literally next door to the metro. Shiatsu practitioners are rare in the West end of Montreal, so finding him was a real treat. He knows his Shiatsu and is a great listener who then works thoroughly, compassionately, and professionally, always asking if everything is all right along the way. He wears a mask; so do I–so I always feel safe. His studio is bright and cheerful, but also relaxing.

I feel younger and lighter every time I leave.


What does a shiatsu practitioner do?

Like acupuncture, shiatsu claims to free blockages to the Ki flow and restore energy to areas where it is low. A shiatsu specialist does this by pressing on or stretching points on your body that lie along the lines of energy called meridian channels.

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